Golden Calcite on White Heulandite

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Golden Calcite and White Heulandite, maybe some Celestite and Heulandite, it has more of a blue than a clear to it.

Height: 3 inches Width: 8 inches Depth: 5 inches

Heulandite helps you gain access to the deepest parts of your heart while reaffirming its connection to your emotional body. It brings out the daunting experiences and emotions we have felt the need to suppress for so long and allows one to finally stand up and face them. Heulandite provides one with the courage and willpower to finally let go of these emotions and stresses.

Celestite offers soft vibrations that stimulate the higher chakra systems. The Third Eye, Crown, and Etheric chakras begin to slowly turn in a clockwise fashion, bringing us to higher states of awareness at a manageable pace. Unlike other high-energy stones that send us on a blast toward higher frequencies, Celestite allows us to float at a softer pace toward higher vibrational awareness. This awareness is better known as Cosmic Awareness or attunement with The Existence.

Celestite is extremely beneficial for healing the aura and is able to preserve a peaceful atmosphere. This is especially helpful in times of stress or chaos as it will open those around it to remain calm and develop greater trust in the wisdom of the Divine. It helps to find and maintain the purity of the heart so that one may speak and act in accordance with one heart’s purest intentions. Through finding the inner purity of the heart, one may easily align with the highest good of oneself.

Gold Calcite resonates with the Root, Solar, and Third-Eye chakras creating a powerful trifecta of personal will and creation. The golden warmth of this crystal is felt upon the first touch, providing the user with a link to Mother Earth's energies. This strong connection is great for accomplishing high-effort tasks and projects. When our personal will is rooted, we are more inclined to push ourselves to the finish line. The hardest part of doing something is getting started, and Honey Calcite encourages us to get up and get going.

metaphysical descriptions from #thecrystalcouncil