Black Obsidian Mirror

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The obsidian mirror is the lunar mirror as opposed to the solar mirror which most of us look at everyday. This type of mirror has a much softer presence.

Some say it can be used to reveal or perceive the shadow work.

Many use it as an amulet at the front of a home or shop space to ward off the negative energy that may come in.

Aztec royalty and elite were known for carrying or even being burried with these mirrors in amulet fashions on and around their burial sites to keep them safe from the underworld.

Some use these tools for scrying, many Wiccans use scrying in their practice to uncover truths about themselves and the world around them. The word “scrying” means to reveal or to perceive.

They can be used as a protection tool that absorb negative energy from anyone that enters a dwelling carrying any negative vibe.

An obsidian mirror is cleansed by the moonlight, or by submerging it in salt water to reactivate its power.

It can also be an amulet for businesses where there is a great flow of people.